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Sarah Cross is the author of Kill Me Softly, which was a YALSA Teens' Top Ten and Best Fiction for Young Adults selection, Tear You Apart, which was named a Winter's Best Bet by Kirkus Reviews, and Dull Boy, as well as the Wolverine story "The Adamantium Diaries" for Marvel Comics. Her nonfiction has appeared in Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader.


  • Fairy Tale: Hans Christian Andersen's "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"
  • Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty
  • Fairy Tale Retelling: Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber
  • Movie: The Petrified Forest
  • Book: The Tale of Genji
  • Comics: early Spider-Man, golden age Batman (1940s), X-Men (Dark Phoenix Saga), Runaways, Castle Waiting
  • Manga: 20th Century Boys, Princess Knight, Ooku
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter, Space Brothers, Kids on the Slope, Chihayafuru, Glass Mask, Rose of Versailles
  • Music: Fiona Apple, Florence + the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds
  • Animals: Pallas' cats, hawks