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Tear You Apart book cover

Tear You Apart

A modern Snow White reimagining, in which a teen with a murderous stepmother is trapped in a dangerous game of love, jealousy, and hate with her best friend and lover, who is destined to decide if she lives or dies . . . until a mysterious prince from a strange underworld offers her an escape.

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Cross deftly takes the all-too-familiar Disney fairytale tropes (fair maiden, handsome prince) and turns them on their heads. These tales are dark and sinister and filled with a diverse cast of characters. A great read for fans of the television show, Once Upon A Time. --School Library Journal

Kill Me Softly book cover

Kill Me Softly

When a beautiful teen living with her godmothers runs away to find her parents' graves, she stumbles into a dark fairy-tale realm that brushes up against the real world, and must take control of her fate before it takes control of her.

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Smart, romantic and inspired, Sarah Cross's Kill Me Softly is storytelling at its finest. She breathes new life into familiar tales, twisting them in fantastically unexpected ways. This book blew me away! --Carrie Ryan, New York Times bestselling author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series

Dull Boy book cover

Dull Boy

Superpowers are awesome - unless you actually have them.

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Like the best superhero stories, Cross's novel has crisp action sequences and a good sense of humor, but also gets deep into the fears and struggles of teenagers who simply don't fit in. --Publishers Weekly

Wolverine #1000 cover

Wolverine #1000

In "The Adamantium Diaries," a Wolverine fangirl wishes she was like her hero so the jerks at school would leave her alone.

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Every bit of this story is endearing and genuinely engaging. Writer Sarah Cross is a skillful wordsmith and her humor and sensitivity help shape this into one of the best Wolverine stories I’ve ever read. --Mike McLarty, Major Spoilers

Shadowhunters and Downworlders book cover

Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader

A collection of essays exploring the world of the Mortal Instruments series, edited by Cassandra Clare. My essay, "The Art of War: Never Underestimate the Girl with the Sketchbook," is about Clary Fray and her particular brand of heroism.

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