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Wolverine #1000

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In "The Adamantium Diaries" (aka "Adamantium Claws"), a Wolverine fangirl wishes she was like her hero so the jerks at school would leave her alone.

Written by Sarah Cross, art by João M. P. Lemos, colors by Chris Chuckry.

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Adamantium Diaries Sample


"Every bit of this story is endearing and genuinely engaging. Writer Sarah Cross is a skillful wordsmith and her humor and sensitivity help shape this into one of the best Wolverine stories I’ve ever read." --Mike McLarty, Major Spoilers

"A brilliant little story, beautifully drawn and engagingly written. If we were grading the stories separately, this would be a five-star story in itself." --James Hunt, Comic Book Resources

"The high point is 'Adamantium Claws' by Sarah Cross and Joao Lemos, which is a sweet little short about a Wolverine fan meeting her idol and generally being inspired by him. The art’s lovely, and while the moral’s familiar, it’s nicely done." --Paul O’Brien, House To Astonish